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Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare - Review

The shooters keep on coming and we're not saying no. The next one to drop into our consoles is the new Call Of Duty, Infinite Warfare. New story, new multiplayer and new zombies! Let's go!

Let's kick this off with the multiplayer. COD:IW brings back everything that you grew used to in Black Ops 3, and fine tuned it even more. This is perfect. From the moment the game installed, it was go time. No struggling straight out the gate, no trying to find your footing while your ratio plummets, just straight to the fun. But not only does it keep the elements from BO3, we get some great new mechanics. The class system with different abilities brings a whole new feel to weighing up the opposition. Very much in the same vein as Overwatch or Team Fortress, each class has different abilities that are created around play-styles, meaning you can hone your methods even further. Activision have done a good job here and I hope they keep it very much the same from here on out.

Next is the story mode. With a huge change in gear, it's all gone a bit Sci-Fi. Here's where people split in two over this, but I can firmly say that I fall into the 'Love It' category. With a great actual story, which is full of surprises, interesting moments and dilemmas, including the freedom to choose missions and the order of which you progress, it kept me hooked and even had me shocked and emotional at times. The difficulty curve is great and the controls while in space (both space walking and FLYING A SPACESHIP) are intuitive and easy to use. I can honestly say that it has been the most enjoyable single player campaign since MW2 for me.

Finally we come to Zombies In Spaceland. This is fan-freaking-tastic. I have sunk countless hours into this mode, both by myself and with others. Set in an 80's horror film, the visual aspect of this mode blows my mind and sets an amazing atmosphere, the sounds are incredible with a huge array of songs from the decade and this is even before I start on the gameplay. Zombies has always been one of the hardest and most complicated modes CoD has bought forward, with easter eggs galore, multiple paths and countless things to do. IW does not shy away from this, but oddly enough, this time it flows perfectly.

Inessence, Infinite Warfare is a great game. Some may argue it isn't too much of a Call of Duty game, but I disagree. Easy 8 out of 10 and goddamn I can't wait for some new maps for Zombies. Keep your eyes peeled for a review on the DLC when it drops.

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