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WWE 2K17 - Breath of New Life.

A new year and as always there are a variety of series that bring out a new revision of their game. Fifa, Madden, UFC, etc. Most of these involve some minor modifications, but once in a while, one shines out. Welcome to WWE 2K17.

WWE (WWF) was a huge part of childhood gaming for a large amount of gamers. From Smackdown on PS2 (what is commonly held as the epitome of WWE games) to now, there's been so many to choose from. However 2K seem to have hit a groove again with 2K17, storming forward with the inclusion of NXT and an even bigger roster than ever before.

With the inclusion of My Career Mode or Universe Mode, there are so many different ways to play. With My Career Mode giving the player the chance to make a wrestler and start from the bottom. Push your way into NXT and show why you deserve to be put onto the main roster. Climb higher and higher in the series and eventually be a Main Event. The variety of customization shines in this mode, from the character creation to the ability to edit shows.

The Universe Mode essentially puts you in the role of show creator, where the matches, rivalries, titles and everything else is down to you. With matches being rated after completion, it helps build you up towards main events, WrestleMainia and much more.

In regards to gameplay, it's much tighter than previous titles in the series. There are still some small nagging bugs, but nothing that interrupts or disrupts the flow of the game. It all seems fair, such as you can't reverse every move the opponent throws at you, due to a fatigue bar, to the ability to use dirty pins, which makes tapping out much harder than a typical pin.

WWE 2K17 puts on a great show. It shines in it's array of modes and huge roster and brings back the fun of playing WWE games on the couch with friends. If you're a fan of wrestling games, this is a must buy. If you're not, it's a recommendation .


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