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  • Adam Reynolds

Who Should You Be Seeing At Slam Dunk?

I'm sure that you will have your own plans, and with the stage splits being announced the other day, there's some compromise that you might have to make. However, I'd like to offer you some options that you may not have thought of.

Enter Shikari

Ok, full disclosure, I adore Enter Shikari, so of course, I would recommend them. However, this is a touch different. This year, they're headlining Slam Dunk with a special celebration. This year marks the TEN YEAR anniversary of "Take To The Skies", and at Slam Dunk will be the only place to see it in the UK. And come on, how can you say no to THAT handclap? It promises to be a whole other experience in itself, being a Shikari show.

I Prevail

They're that band that were on Facebook covering Taylor Swift's "Blank Space" a while back. But they have so much more than that. Their album, "Lifelines" is an incredible piece of work, that will keep your attention with huge choruses and even bigger hooks. Look out for "Stuck In Your Head" to get stuck in your head (no pun intended...) and be a highlight of the festival.

Madina Lake

It's the last goodbye for Madina Lake. They're coming back to the UK for the Anniversary of "From Them, Through Us, For You", and it will be the goodbye that they deserve, and who knows, they might catch the bug and decide to keep on gigging and touring, and make a grand return.

One can only hope...

All in all, Slam Dunk is incredible, but I'm naming these three my picks of the festival. If you disagree, let us know who you want to see, and who we should see instead.

Y'all need to get your tickets soon if you want to go there.

South sold out, North is very close to doing the same, so come to Birmingham. It's on a main train line, and has Resorts World next to it, so if you fancy some food, there are restaurants there.

Go to for tickets and more details too.

Tickets are £44, or £49 for the afterparty too. But watch out, they're in very short supply.

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