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Lego Worlds - Rock My Blocks

Lego games hark back throughout my childhood. They've touched almost every popular franchise (even more so thanks to Lego Dimensions), so it seems fitting that they released Lego Worlds, an open world pure Lego game.


Touching on what most called a 'Minecraft' type of genre, Lego Worlds challenges you to become a Master Builder. Equipping you with the tools to manipulate terrain, items and even Lego people, you're set with the typical task of collecting Gold Bricks.

You begin with the Discovery Tool. This simple device allows you to scan everything in the worlds to 'Discover' them. When an item is Discovered, you can choose to remove them from the world around you or (through using your stud to unlock them) place as MANY as you want. Want to make an island of pigs? Sure, you can do that. Want to make a world which is just Pirates? Yup, in fact there's a pre-made world that's right up your alley. It's a great start to the game and is just downright fun.

Control wise, the game flows nicely and runs quite smoothly on the Xbox One. It's surprising every time I play a Lego game to see how well TT improve the look and graphics in the series, but again they've outdone themselves. From liquid textures to contrast of colours, it's beautiful.

It's an easy game to get hooked on, just like all its' predecessors. I've had a few people play splitscreen on the sofa with me (which is a blessing, as not many games give this option anymore) ranging in all ages, and each time it's been mutally enjoyed.

An all round solid game, which continues the Lego tradition of being addictive fun.

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