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  • Hollie Turner

REVIEW & GALLERY: Mayday Parade - O2 Institute - 23rd September 2017

Florida natives Mayday Parade came back to Birmingham on Saturday night to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of one of their most popular albums, 'A Lesson in Romantics'.


Their fans came out loyal and true to sing every song like a choir in the Institute; they made a small room sound like it was filled with thousands.

'Miserable at Best' got the loudest response from the crowd as usual with every person religiously singing 'I can live without you but, without you I'll be miserable at best...' The venue was a sea of smart phone screens eagerly capturing the beauty of the moment ready to playback long after it had passed.

There was a good range of ages that visually separated Mayday Parade's younger and more recent fans, from their long term, singing every track from start to finish. Lead singer Derek Sanders took time to tell the crowd that 'each and every one need to know that you matter' and to tell them to make sure that they live their lives to the full and never to feel that they are alone.

The band were full of spirit consistently jumping around the stage and bouncing off each others energy. It was nice to see that ten years after the release of this album, the band are still going strong and making no plans to quit anytime soon, as Derek told the crowd that he 'hopes to see them all back here for the 20th Anniversary still singing as loud and proud as they were for the tenth' much to the delight of gig goers. The band continued to play the whole of the album throughout the night.

Although there was a handful of sound issues tonight, Mayday Parade are a band that never disappoint. They play small intimate venues to fans who heavily relate to their music.

This was a great night full of nostalgia and I look forward to seeing these guys back again soon!

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