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REVIEW: Lego Marvel Superheroes 2

Marvel are continuing their war path through media, with video games not being excluded. It was a wise shot choosing Lego for the original Marvel Super Heroes, which was a hit. So now it's time for the follow up. Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 is here and it's time to strap on our masks and see if this builds on the original title.


The Lego games are always a source of enjoyment, be it the Star Wars series to even their original games. The comedy of the storylines, to the ability to take characters to locations they never visited in 'canon'. Marvels second venture into the Lego series is no difference to these facts. To start with, after the first game which already had an impressive roster, the playable lego-figurines in LMSH2 is sky-rocketed into an amazing amount. Not only are there the staples of the MCU, such as Star-Lord, Iron Man and Captain America, but it ranges into what some would call niche, such as Gwenpool and White Tiger. This is heavily complimented as well as the storyline doesn't focus the spotlight on a hero/group of heroes as it shares the focus, allowing each character to shine. And it also allows you to play each character throughout, opening up new abilities and attacks. It's amazing how much one game can do with two buttons.

The attacks and the abilities previously mentioned are part of the charm of the gameplay in this title as well. It may be just 'another Lego game' which involves button-mashing combat and environmental puzzles, but the puzzles in Marvel 2 seem to have a fresh twist on them due to the variety involved in the game. It is also heavily complimented by the open world aspect, which comes into play during the storyline. Everything always feels quite fresh as you change from location to location, each area complete down to the smallest details.

The story itself is a joy to play, clocking in at around the 10-12 hour mark. With an actual Marvel writer on board, it wasn't a flimsy excuse to put some gameplay around, but an actual fleshed out tale. Yes it's a little silly, but it works well and creates a lovely cocktail between the two brands. This is garnished with the voice acting talent that has been lovingly crafted and weaved into the title. There are a couple of naffs in there (looking at you Captain America), but the rest is outstanding. A personal favourite of mine is J. Jonah Jameson, who pops up in little cut scenes during the loading times. The writer, voice actor, animator, anyone at all involved in those scenes needs a raise.

Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 picks up where the previous one let go and takes it to new heights. A great addition to the Lego series, one which in my opinion is a must buy. 8/10.

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