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PREVIEW: Dragonball FighterZ

Dragonball FighterZ is currently in the last few hours of its Open Beta. We've played far too much of it during the past 48 hours and we're hear to give you the quick lowdown on what might be one of the best fighting, let alone Dragon Ball games, in a very long time.


Lets start with one of the most important things about a Dragon Ball game. The visuals. The art style of both the original series and the manga were amazing, but the people behind this have created a masterpiece. Not only are the models themselves crafted with great cell-shading grace, but the interactions with other fighters, the special moves and even the way the scenery interacts with the gameplay is jaw-dropping. It really draws you into the game and helps you feel like you're playing an episode out.

Speaking of playing an episode out, the mechanics of the game really serve justice into this. DFZ may not be a 3D fighter, but it doesn't stop feeling fluid for a second. The movement of each character is weighted perfectly and alters from roster member to member, creating a unique feel to almost every single fight. The way each moveset has been created helps this effect as well, allowing continuous combos and sliding into the tag-team aspect of the fighter, chaining hits between all 3 of your team characters.

The full roster sadly isn't free to play during the beta, but it won't stop you from getting your fill from it. With voice actors creating glorious character dynamics, it's just a taster of the praise for the sound behind this game. With blistering tracks to back your epic battles up and the way each hit sounds as it lands, playing this in surround sound, with headphones on or however, it's phenomenal.

Now we're pretty sure if you're reading this, you're going to get the game. But even if there is a slight piece of doubt in your mind, run to your console right now, boot it up, download the Beta for the last few moments its around and convince yourself. This game is going to rock harder than the dubbed opening to DBZ.

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