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Fortnite - Time to Save The World!

As the first year anniversary of Fortnite, the ever expanding world phenomenon, dawns on us, we got to try out the original team raiding game mode that started Epics climb to the top. Welcome to Save The World.


When you initially boot up 'Save The World' you're treated to both a mixture of tutorial and sprinkling of world flavour. The world is in trouble, there's some horrible creatures coming to get you and you've got all these guns and materials to stop them. So stop them! After a break-down on building, traps and combat, which should result in a successful mission, you're thrown into the main hub.

Thankfully the tutorial continues past this point, as the overall menu system in the hub seems quite daunting and overwhelming. The game does a superb job of coaching you through what everything does and continues to rotate both teaching the system and husk-fighting gameplay. There is never a point where you feel like it's holding your hand or that it's too complicated. When you reach the point of being set-free, the skill trees are opened up, you've got a sack full of loot and there's a solid ground understanding.

And at this point the game really kicks it up a gear. With the constant rotation of events and missions set on a timer, a constantly evolving story-line, which in my opinion could have been a little more tied into the gameplay, but it works for the style of game, it always feels fresh and the 'grind' isn't too bad. That's not to say there isn't grind, because there is. But if you pull yourself together a party of friends or even just hop into a public lobby, it flows quite nicely and helps take the 'boring' edge of.

However the public lobby comes with what I would call a 'temporary dark side' for those just starting out. Due to the current sale price, there is an influx of people just focusing on playing STW for V-Bucks to buy skins in Battle Royale. This isn't a problem, except for when players don't focus on the group objectives and defences. Sadly, with no player rating system, there is little to do about this. But this should peter out as you progress into the game.

With the absolute 'Borderlands'-esc amount of weapons and traps to make and constant customisation, it's a constant loot grab as well. With heroes that suit everyone's gameplay, (personally Ninjas with the double jump ability being my favourite, especially with a triple shotgun setup), there's a way to play STW that will suit anyone.

After sinking many months into Battle Royale, I was a little worried that Save The World may feel too slow, sluggish and grindy for me. However I can say without a doubt that after pouring nearly 15 hours into it over 5 days, I think I've found which side of the Fortnite fence I pitch my tent. Not to say I don't still play BR, but I most certainly prefer holding back the Storm than running from it.

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