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Onrush - A Chaotic Smash Of Brilliance

When the announcement came that the ex-MotorStorm and Driveclub team were releasing a team based online racing game, it left alot of people scratching their heads. However with the release of Onrush, it was made very clear they knew what they were doing.


But it's a little difficult to call this lovechild of Destruction Derby and Overwatch a racing game. Codemasters have dipped their creative hands into pretty much every available genre and sculpted a fast-paced competitive blast.

The main chunk of the game comes from 'Overdrive'. A game mode which pushes two teams of six into a head-to-head, with a variety of eight classes for each player to pick from. This leads to each race feeling different and switching play styles to suit match ups and the team dynamic. Within 'Overdrive' the goal is simple. The first team to hit the points limit wins. And how do you rack up points? By boosting. Those familiar with the 'Burnout' series will feel right as home as you build up your boost bar by drifting, jumping, smashing up fodder cars and wrecking your opponents, as well as other actions suited to each class.

But Onrush doesn't like to keep things nice and simple. With a wide range of game-modes, such as 'Countdown' which harks back to the old checkpoint racers, 'Lockdown' provides those who enjoy 'King of the Hill'-esc games and 'Switch' gives each player a set of lives and the objective to survive. These are all taught and introduced within the Single Player campaign, which is also interwoven with how to play each class and form of vehicle.

The meat of the game however comes from the online play and mastering a class. There is plenty of scope to develop and hone your playstyle of you wreck and boost your way through other players. And of course there are rewards. As per most games now, a loot box system is implemented into the online system, but there are thankfully no micro-transactions to be found. Loot boxes drop a cool amount of custom paint decals or body types, but thankfully you also earn in game currency which can be used to purchase these elsewhere.

And the cosmetics within these loot boxes really shine through within the visual aspects of the game. Playing on a PS4 Pro, this game is a sensual explosion. The soundtrack and sound effects merge gorgeously and suit every boost, turn and slam, all of which is blended perfectly with the stunning visuals that have been lovingly crafted for pretty much everything. Every level produces a gorgeous colour palate to suit the environment and really give a sense of variety as you play.

Overall Onrush comes smashing into the empty hole we've had since Burnout and Destruction Derby faded away. It's a great game as a solo player or a team of friends, one that has been made my masters of their craft.

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