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Slash - Living The Dream - Album Review

Album number 4 for Slash and number 3 for Myles Kennedy and The Conspiritors to accompany for a full release is up for discussion today. So don the Top Hat, polish your shades and maybe forget about Alter Bridge for a bit as we delve into 'Living The Dream'.


I was a huge fan of the original 'Slash' which gave us a taste of so many voices with the constantly adapting of Slash's masterful guitar work, but it was the obvious choice to carry forward with Myles. Straight off the initial track 'The Call Of the Wild', a thumping powertrain of an opening, there's no doubt the decision holds strong. The two of them riff, excuse the pun, off the other, blending almost to a symphony.

Across the whole album, the production value is gorgeous, as expected from Michael Baskette and with addition of Frank Sidoris on rhythm now, rather than the frizz master pushing every guitar, there is a feeling of a band creation rather than a solo project.

The stand-out tracks come from two directions, with 'Mind Your Manners', one that became an instant addition to my gym playlist, thanks to the crazy beat and almost pushing feel to it, with what is in my opinion the best solo on the album and 'Sugar Cane' which has the crazy downscaling riff pulsing from the start which carrys this song as a highlight.

But the one thing that sticks with me throughout the entire album is the consistency , which weirdly comes as a negative. Each track is obviously a 'Slash-Track', and everytime it seems to try something new, something a little funky or genre switching, we end up back to what seems comfortable to the band. It's not a bad place to be, in fact it's a good place, but that feeling does mean the album doesn't grab you for the ride, it just buckles you in for a pleasant drive. A very solid 3.5/5 for this album, great for a road trip, but maybe if you've got the rest of Slash's albums to switch between.

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