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25 years of Dookie!

Green Day have been one of the best loved bands of all time. And today is the anniversary of their first major label release. So, Happy-Frickin-Birthday to one of the most genre and band defining albums of all time. Here's to you, Dookie.


What better way to look over one of our most loved albums, than to pick our favourite lyrics from this masterpiece! So here we go, in no particular order…

This sudden fear has left me trembling. ‘Cause now it seems like I am out here on my own. And I’m feeling so alone

Welcome To Paradise

This line has it all. Circling off a great opening verse, leading into a killer chorus and bringing in some amazing vocal harmonies. But it's also got the touch of Green Day jaunty emptiness through its lyrics that really helped Dookie stand out. With the polarising 'Welcome to Paradise' chime at the end of the chorus, it's surely a line that stands out and hits home for many.

I declare I don't care no more


How can we put a list together for this album without talking about the line that sums up the entire album, which also happens to be the opening line to the whole escapade? As our main man jumps into the track with this line over an opening drum track, it sets the scene for the rest of our ride. Not only that, something always sounds better when it's been declared.

I'm telling you to fuck off and die


There's so much to pick from F.O.D, but for when you first clock what the initials stand for, this line takes the prize. With the gorgeous simplicity of just the guitar at the start leading into the kick-the-door down second half of this track, with the trio giving the finger to every person who's ever done them wrong, it's a lyric that has some much bite.

You can't go forcing something if it's just not right

When I Come Around

When I Come Around is full of that lovely dragging guitar line, topped off with the almost story-like lyrics. Giving a small tale of love and loss, as the 2nd verse comes to the end, it's suited to have this line of almost acceptance. Not only that, but the delivery by Billie, where he drops into a slightly melancholy spoken vibe, is almost perfect.

Some say quit, or I'll go blind. But it's just a myth


Bass, bass, bass. The song that inspired so many Pop/Punk bassists, with that bopping tom drum beat running behind it, Longview in itself almost didn't need lyrics. So why not just talk about jackin' it over the top? And the favourite lyric for us is the sideways glance at the old wifes tale amount 'Too much and you'll go blind!'. It's a laugh and fits the song like a glove.

Waiting for a sign to smash the silence with the brick of self control


Fueled with the heat of a breakup song (BJA wrote this in response to poem written by an ex of his), this turned up to 10 punk song not only has riffs for days, but the lyrics are up to the brink with the tone that suits the melody. But this line, tied up with the lead in regarding a riot brewing, just flows with eagerness straight into the bridge.

Seventeen and strung out on confusion. Trapped inside a roll of disillusion

Coming Clean

While it may not be the most riff-tastic song, or chocked full of epic drums, it's a touching song that Mr Armstrong has previously detailed is about opening up about his bi-sexuality. The opening lines are touching and any teenager listening can instantly associate with.

Do you have the time to listen to me whine. About nothing and everything at once

Basket Case

It's not a Dookie list without mentioning Basket Case. But it's hard to pick a favourite moment of this classic single, which arguable bought Green Day into the spotlight. However, it's hard to beat that opening moment which seems to tie the whole album together. It seemingly fits the full tone of the tracks together, whining about seemingly mindless things and the very existence of life.

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