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Amplified Spotlight: Hands Off Gretel

With just over 2 months to go until Amplified 2019, we thought we'd start putting the lineup under a microscope. Let's kick things off with a favourite of StereoRiot. Sunday night, Third Stage Headliners - Hands Off Gretel.


We first encountered HoG through a recommendation during the 2018 Takeover set at Download Festival. The dirty 90-echo esc grunge riffs tore through our initial impressions and the stage presence of Lauren Tate was that of someone who would feel at home main-staging Knebworth. Having caught them a couple of times since, and will be seeing them again on the 9th in Birmingham, they seem to be getting wilder, louder and tighter as a unit.

Our thoughts are pretty clear as to how well these guys are going to take to the 3rd Stage. It's going to be wild, with insane energy from all band members and a certain swagger that's required to grab a headline slot. Going up against Memoriam and Ugly Kid Joe, we would honestly push you in the direction of third stage. It'll be worth the show, we promise.

Their album 'I Want the World' dropped this year in April as well, to a great and well deserved reception, which you can listen to on all streaming sites, but better still, head to to buy it directly. You can also watch their latest music video for the Title Track from the album below. We'd typically try and recommend a single song to start with, but the whole album is worth the listen.

And we can't finish this off without reminding you how excited we are for Amplified 2019! You can head to to find out more and read our Amplified articles to find out more!

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