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BOARD GAME REVIEW: Drink, Drank, Drunk!

The Thursday of the UKGE was a press preview night. As I was walking back from the cashpoint, Rebecca (my other half) sent me a message saying:

'There's a game here you HAVE to see'

This is a review of that game.


Drink, Drank, Drunk interested me the moment I saw it. The art style of it is pure hilarity, with each of its 200 cards given a unique and great picture to suit the effect. Advertised as (you guessed it) purely a drinking game, it's devilishly simple. The deck is broken into 5 categories: Action (which are used and discarded there and then), Rule (which gets placed in the centre of the table and sets a new rule, max 2 at a time), Power (giving you one of many hilarious abilities), Weakness (the opposite to power) and Special (which you may keep secret and use at any time). Every turn, you draw a card and carry on.

There was a prime chance to review this on Saturday (when I purchased the game), as we had a largish group (around 10) coming round. The sun was shining, the drinks were flowing and we popped open the game.

Carnage began. All of a sudden people were wearing make-shift hats out of chairs and tupperware, someone was wearing 4 t shirts and 3 pairs of socks, people were diving under tables and round corners as someone shouts Sniper! And the drinks kept being topped up faster than we could keep up (thanks to Rebecca, as the cards dictated she must get everyones drinks). I had messages sent by other people on my phone, Matt had to drink like a T-Rex and it all ended with 8 of us playing Sardines in my bathtub.

We stuck to a traditional mode of pick up, next, until we had to stop. But the creative minds behind this (a small team of 4 we met at the expo) have included a variety of ways to play, detailed in the small rule pamphlet in the box.

All in all, Drink, Drank, Drunk is honest to god both my friends and my favourite new drinking game, to the point two of our group asked me to pick up another 2 copies on the Sunday. Combining all the stupid drinking rules and games we've played previously and more together, into a beautifully made card game. It's simple, addictive and the reason this review was delayed till Monday. My head still hurts.

This IS the next big party card game.

Go to and order it now!

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