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It's time to finish off our EA sporting reviews with the biggest title of them all, FIFA. Year to year, the changes and tweaks range from just touch ups to flipping previous installments upside down. So let's double footed slide into this and find out how 20 steps up against 19.

The main stand out change is the addition of FIFA Volta Football. Harking back to the old days of FIFA Street, this game-mode was admittedly the most anticipated part for myself of this release. You're pulled into an urban world of late night and local football as part of your career after creating your character. Side note, the options and build of your character within this is at a peak for FIFA, with a multitude of choices, after playing this online for many hours, I haven't come across another character even close to resembling mine.

Volta is essentially small teams, small arenas and fast pace. With highlights on short quick passing, airy crosses, skill moves and short range high power shots, between two teams ranging from 3 to 5 players. The content never seems to slow during playing Volta, with constant rotating challenges to unlock customisable items and Volta Tours and Leagues to keep the gameplay endless.

The campaign mode of FIFA 20 is set in the Volta gameplay as well, which is a nice change from the past 3 games. There's plenty to it and you can easily lose a few weeks to this as a casual play mode without having to dip into the other modes. It's useful to have the players you recruit within Story mode carry on across all of Volta as well.

The only thing I would have preferred to see was potentially a slight focus on the tricks a little more (as per the old FIFA Street). Maybe an end of match points summary or the ability for the tricks to be a little more of a flow. Probably just a personal opinion, but none the less, Volta is great and easily what keeps making me come back to the game.

The general gameplay of FIFA 20 is as per - Kick Off having the House Rules still is a great time with friends and Career Mode is there for those who want to build their ideal team. I won't touch too much on Career within this, I know there's a fair few issues with the A.I, but EA are aware and are pushing to get a fix out as soon as they can. As it's not something I typically spend a huge chunk of time on it, I can't say it bothered me much, but it did mean some league tables were not hugely realistic.

Finally, EA's pride and joy, Ultimate Team. 19 gave everyone a good boost to the game mode, but there still seemed to be a bit of a challenge to make 20 not stale. However the FIFA team haven't disappointed. The grind usually within FUT has been soothed slightly by introducing further rewards for playing games (rather than paying for points/packs) within XP which can earn you daily, weekly and seasonal rewards.

On top of that, the main change that has got me splitting time between FUT and Volta is the removal of how many Squad Battles you can play a day. Earning constant points and coins is a great way to keep coming back to FUT. The other drawing factor comes from the higher level of Squad Building Challenges, something I have a slight bias towards as I can't help but love fiddling with concept players and trying to find and bid my way to the cheapest builds.

The final rating for us for FIFA 20 is a great 8.5. The Volta mode is a great kick-off for the FIFA 20's and the FUT has been touched up and given the jolt of content it's been needed. Graphically it's been difficult to see much of a change, but there's no need, the game looks great and plays excellently.

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