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Kaiser Chiefs - Asylum Birmingham - 30th January 2017

It's 6.30 on a Monday night and I'm stood in the venue which I usually associate with midnight on a Saturday night, drunk. But this was for something much better. A tiny, intimate Kaiser Chiefs show.


The 500 person room is buzzing with excitement as we walk in, and at 7, the man himself, Christian O'Connell, Absolute Radio's Breakfast Host, jumps onstage. With a bit of banter with the crowd, he introduces the Chiefs who storm on stage to a huge roar.

Ricky Wilson takes control of the crowd instantly and it remains that way for the next hour. I've never seen an audience so entrapped by a front man, who continues to climb the rigging, lean into the front row and eventually travels to the bar (for a cheeky Carlsberg) and crowdsurfs back to the stage.

Not only is the performance great, but the music is tight. They manage to make a tiny venue both sound and feel like an arena. Every member of the band is heard when they shine and they all showcase their talent. This isn't Ricky Wilson and Co, its the (In his words) F**in' Kaiser Chiefs. They start an arena tour soon, go see them.

(Sadly, this show was limited in regards to photos, and our Editor/Write Jack Kirby refuses to take his phone out a gig.)

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