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  • Adam Reynolds

LIVE REVIEW: We Are Scientists (Birmingham, O2 Institue - 06.12.21)

Teasing the removal of layers of clothing, discussions about agriculture, and drinking beer. No, dear viewer, you’ve not tuned into a review of Clarkson’s Farm, but rather, I’m talking about We Are Scientists.

On a mild (verging on cold) Monday in Birmingham, we arrive at the O2 Institute for tonight’s show in the downstairs room (aka Birmingham Barfly).

After showing our covid passports to the security team, we’re in and good to go.

Coach Party, hailing from the Isle of Wight (not just a festival, folks) are the only support act on this tour, so it’s on them to warm this crowd up. The set starts a little slower than I’d expected, but it picks up speed quickly, and is over before I’ve actually realised what is going on. They’re a joy to watch, and lyrically, their wit is razor sharp. The set gets heavier as it goes on, everything about it becomes frenetic and you cannot take your eyes away from the stage, you are drawn in.

Definitely go and check them out, particularly “Breakdown”, “Everybody Hates Me” and “FLAG (Feel Like A Girl)”

“We’ve been waiting for a Brummie Monday forever… In New York, a Brummie Monday is like a Friday night…” Well, that’s the bar set for the night. Friday night energy is needed. And doled out, in spades.

Entering to one of the most singalong-able songs of all time, one that is especially relevant considering the… well, you know what… has stopped Keith, Chris and Keith Carne from coming to our fair isle, the smiles on the faces of We Are Scientists remain omnipresent. This is a band that love to play shows, at one point declaring that tonight's would be 4.5 hours long, with Chris slowly shedding layers as the show went on, until all that is left would be a skeleton.

From start to finish, We Are Scientists have this (what can only be described as subdued) crowd eating out of the palm of their collective hand, through their immaculately picked set list, off the cuff conversation on stage, and interacting with that one guy shouting “TOPS OFF, CHRIS”.

Nothing that We Are Scientists do is by half. Every song feels bigger than ever before, whether it be the joy on their faces as they play, adding little licks into their riffs, or adding an extra riff before jumping into a chorus to make us wait/jump in a touch early.

Essentially, though you know what you are in for, going to a WAS show, you never really know, because every show is unique in what is said, but you know you’re going to enjoy it.

Thank you, We Are Scientists, we can’t wait for you to return.

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