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LIVE REVIEW: Avatar - 17th January 2019 - O2 Institute Birmingham

Ring the bells! It's the start of the 2019 gigs and frankly, this is one of the best ways to start it. With their second show of 2019 and of their UK Tour, Avatar bought the circus and more to the town of Birmingham as they descended onto the O2 Institute.


It's weird to see what is notably one of the small venues of Birmingham host such a stage setup. Before the band take to their stage, it becomes evident that this isn't your typical Institute show, but it's revving up to be one hell of a spectacle. With a glowing podium front and centre, a drumkit raised in the middle of the stage and even more raisers climbing further up behind it, it certainly gave an expectation the audience were hoping to have fulfilled.

And the atmosphere was added to by the incredibly charming and funny radio station that was playing between support bands. With small little skits and music between, it added to the setup to the show. And with an interruption to the broadcast, informing the members of the crowd that the 'King' had arrived, demanding a minute of silence, which was lovingly obliged by the audience, the set began. Draped in his eye opening Ring-Master garb, with the nightmare-inducing makeup, vocalist Johannes Eckerstrom took to the stage and began the festivities.

The set burst open with an almost political broadcast behind the podium as the 'King' (Jonas Jarlsby) rose above the drumkit in his golden throne, continuing the jaw dropping aesthetic of the show. But it's not just the visuals, Avatar are always a band to deliver outstanding live music. From the insane solo work in 'Legend of the King', to the thunderous beats in 'For The Swarm', without even mentioning the incredible vocals and comparing from our loving Ringmaster, every single song was a treat which had the room shouting along and wind milling from the barrier to the back.

I don't need to tell you that seeing Avatar live is an experience, but I feel the need to tell you not to miss it if you get a chance. From the moment they hit the stage, to the pyrotechnics as they leave the stage, it's a treat for every single one of your senses.

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