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  • Hollie Turner

REVIEW & GALLERY: The Xcerts - The Flapper - 9th October 2017

Scottish natives, The Xcerts played a small intimate gig to their fans at The Flapper in Birmingham on Monday night. It was quite obvious after the support act were finished and the small room began to fill, that most people that pushed into the packed room, were there for The Xcerts only.


The lads kicked off their set with 'Daydream' from their new album. They had a really great rapport both with each other on stage, and with the crowd which was great to see. Although this crowd was small, they were loud.

Lead singer Murray Macleod told the crowd mid set that 'music is and should be a safe place' and that anybody who had a problem to let one of the three band members on stage, or their photographer know and that any person causing trouble would be escorted out. It was nice to see a group of men who were for women feeling safe in venues after recent events in the media.

The band performed a total of 14 songs new and old throughout the night. Murray played a solo acoustic version of 'Pop Song' from their 2014 album 'There Is Only You' much to the crowd's delight. The band finished up the night with their comeback release 'Feels Like Falling in Love.'

I've never seen The Xcerts before, but after tonight, I will be sure to make the effort to see them again. They were a down to earth bunch of guys who even thanked me on their way out.

Musicians like these make live music all the more enjoyable.

Oh, and The Flapper? Is a beautiful Birmingham venue, with fantastic sound and staff. Please go and sign their current petition to keep the venue open, as it is under threat of being closed next year in order to build flats in it's place instead!

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