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  • Hollie Turner

REVIEW & GALLERY: Fickle Friends - O2 Institute - 21st October 2017

Brighton born band Fickle Friends played to a room of people at the O2 Institute in Birmingham on Saturday night.


With the stage themed with palm trees, their infectious 80's indie pop sound got the crowds singing and dancing along to the tracks from their EP's 'Glue' and 'Velvet'. Narrated by synths and really great vibes this band made it hard not to partake in their energy.

The crowd threw around inflatable balls filled with confetti. For a small room, plenty flocked to come and see this band in action.

Lead singer Natassja Shiner held her own as a great front woman. She communicated with the crowd well, even at one point managing to split the crowd and get them to sing different parts of the track simultaneously together. This wouldn't usually be a difficult feat for a band in a venue the size of an arena, but in the O2 Institute in Academy 3, with a smaller crowd, she did well.

Also to note, their merch stand was full of well designed, quirky, eighties themed apparel featuring long sleeved t-shirts and vinyl records of their EP's. The theme almost somewhat reminds me of nostalgic days of the 'Saved By The Bell' T.V show, for anyone that remembers that.

They ended their set with 'Glue' and said goodbye to the crowd, to much disappointment because it felt like it was definitely all over too soon. But hopefully these guys won't be going anywhere, and they'll be filling larger venues and playing more music as they gain more success!

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