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  • Hayley Clark

REVIEW & GALLERY: Asking Alexandria & Black Veil Brides - O2 Academy Birmingham - 23rd Janua

The O2 Birmingham’s sold out crowd huddled together like sardines for the hottest rock ticket in town, guitar thrashing , heavy eye makeup and decibels way above ear plug soundproofing have way to the stage for Asking Alexandria and Black Veil Brides on the rock titans double whammy.


North Yorkshire heavy rock idols “Asking Alexandria” were first up. Frontman Danny Worsnop informing the crowd almost straight away there were technical issues and apologising for sound quality. Ear busting rifts boomed around the venue as the band belted out favourites “Run Free” and “Vultures”. As the fans went crazy for more they were treated to an interlude of Justin Beibers “Baby”.

The lights on the balcony flashed in sync with the lighting show adorning the stage as the floor trembles die to the high octane pitch that was concurrent throughout. Moshing and cheering the crowd went wild as they head banged along to a not so unlucky thirteen track set of both hits and latest offerings and the band dedicating “Someone Somewhere “ by paying respects to anyone whose had trying times to over come them as the pace slowed a little for the night.

The encore of “Death of Me” and “Moving On” completed the 1hr set with Danny leaving the Brummie audience wise words of wisdom “Be good, do it big and don’t forget to wet yourself”. Temperatures crept up as the stage fell into darkness, the bright lights flashed across the stage and LCD screen projecting for an explosive entrance for the Hollywood Glam metal rockers.

Teenage girls competed wildly for the attention of BVBs Andy Biersack, dressed in black vest and waistcoat as he created his baying audience “Make some noise Birmingham” as he stormed into the rocking “Faithless”. Guitarists Jinx and Jake perched on the sides of the brightly lit stage with complex riffs and quirky little ditty’s sending the crowd into over drive, styled in waistcoats Alice Cooper esqe , they were ready to conquer.

As the rhythm of “Coffin” , “Shadows Die” and “Rebel Love Song” creates mosh pits in the crowd the energy BvB caused was electric. The audience were treated to two tracks from latest release “The Vale” as Andy proudly roared “This is the No 1 rock record in the country guys!!! thank you very much it’s called wake up “.

Euphorically ending where it all began with 2009 debut “Knives and Pens” the crowd chanted for more of the delights they had heard all night and left to raise the roof as the band came on stage for the three track encore . As the last chord rang out and the Academy lights came up “In The End” was really the time for the masses to leave into the cold Birmingham night outside awaiting their next Black Veil Brides Fix.

Words - Hayley Clark

Pictures - Hollie Turner

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