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REVIEW: Australian Pink Floyd - 15th November 2018 - Arena Birmingham

The ever awestriking Australian Pink Floyd returned to the Arena Birmingham for their latest tour, Time: Celebrating 30 Years of Pink Floyd.


With an early kick off time of around 7.40, it was clear from the start that we were set for an outstanding night of music and spectacle. As the stage grew dark, the giant white curtain maintained its height over the crowd. All of a sudden, the intro to 'Obscured By Clouds' kicks in as the rear lights silhouette the band as they each begin to build the tempo of what is arguably an amazing opening song. The lights start flashing and more and more hype ripples through the crowd as it flows into 'When You're In' until the band stop and cracks into the thumping 'In The Flesh?' with the curtain falling to reveal the gorgeous centre screen and surrounding lights.

The overall show highlights the tightness of the band and the intimate knowledge they have of each of the covers. It's obvious this isn't a show to please people who know of Pink Floyd, it's a show for fans of Floyd, buy fans themselves. The set does cover some of the well-known material, which includes a back to back of 'Shine On' Parts 1 all the way through to 9, complete with loving tributes to Syd Barrett scattered throughout. But within the nearly 3 hour set there were some far more obscure tracks, I'm looking at you 'See Emily Play', 'Fat Old Sun' and 'Sorrow'.

It's not just the outstanding sound however that keep bringing hoards of people to the ever-touring show. It's not possible to write a review of Aussie Floyd without mentioning the jaw-dropping visual aspects that pair alongside the songs. With a mixture of complimenting and stunning lighting, ranging from blends of colours, spotlights into the crowd and Floyd-esc lasers. Alongside these is the giant centre screen, surrounded by a ring of moving LED lights. Upon the display, each song had its own video which slotted within the themes of the song currently playing. Mix all of it together and it was a show for the senses.

As the show closed with an encore of 'Run Like Hell' and 'Comfortably Numb', it rounded off what was an outstanding night of music and showmanship. APF are now touring the UK and you should definitely get a ticket.

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