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  • Jack Kirby and Adam Reynolds

Download Festival - Our set bets! (Friday)

With less than a month until Download 2019, we thought we'd give our guesses on who will put on the best set across the stages for each day. So have a read on our thoughts, see if you agree and if not, let us know! So let's kick off with the Friday…


Main Stage

Jack: With the returning headlines Def Leppard finishing the day all the way through to when Last in Line are kicking things off, it's great performances all day. Slash and Miles Kennedy will bring their usual technical excellence and both Blackberry Smoke and Tesla have got very well deserved positions, but Clutch are standing out for me. With their latest release (Book of Bad Decisions) being one of my favourite releases of 2018 and their 2018 tour being just jaw dropping, I'm so hyped to see them again.

Final Predication: It's a cracking day for classic rock on Main Stage, but I think after witnessing them storm their UK tour last year, Clutch take my vote.

Adam: I’m torn here. I know that Slash will kill it, of that there’s no doubt, but I’m hoping Whitesnake live up to the occasion and all the platinum records. I’m gonna go with the slightly riskier giants in Whitesnake.

Zippo Encore Stage

Jack: I swear, second stage each year seems to get closer and closer to being the quality of Main Stage. There's some great acts, with the likes of Skid Row, Opeth and Eagles of Death Metal throwing heavy punches to take the vote. But there's a name a little further down that's making me very happy. Delain have been making waves for a while, and the symphonic rock group are perfectly suited for their Friday slot on 2nd stage. It's going to be a cracking set.

Final Predication: Honestly it's a toss up between Rob Zombie and Delain. But I think the scales push Delain as the winner for me.

Adam: A band that have been killing it for over 30 years. I’m going with Skid Row for this one. They’ve had a turbulent past, sure, but they’re still the Youth Gone Wild.

Avalanche Stage

Jack: Third stage for me this year is a mixed bag on the Friday. It seems like a bit of a random assortment of names, with the usual slot for either Less than Jake/Reel Big Fish landing on RBF this year! With some bands (like the aforementioned RBF and Me First and the Gimme Gimmes) who are sure to put on fun sets, there's only one that really shouts out that they're going to make the tent theirs, and that's Sumo Cyco. The Canadian four piece are tearing it up at the moment and their live show is always a treat. 100% the right choice to watch.

Final Predication: No doubt, Sumo Cyco. These guys have been crushing it recently and I'm sure they're hitting Download with everything they've got.

Adam: The Interrupters. Hands down. I saw these guys support Green Day at the O2, and they absolutely killed it. They’ve recently been on tour, showing off their newest album “Fight The Good Fight,” which is also an amazing album, btw. A great blend between Ska and punk, this will be incredibly fun.

Dogtooth Stage

Jack: Dogtooth Stage, the place where I have found so many new bands and seen so many rising stars start. 2019 is no different, there's some names I'm not familiar with, which I'll try and catch a few songs of, some bands that I know are on the circuit at the moment. However, it's so good to see both Jinger and Conjurer sitting on the bill. Jinjer are set to headline Amplified in July, which is set to be epic, so getting to see them destroy Dogtooth is very exciting, but Conjurer are quickly becoming a name more and more people are mentioning to me.

Final Predication: As I said, I'm so excited to see both Jinjer and Conjurer play Download, but Conjurer pip it at the post.

Adam: For me, it’s the Nova Twins. Bass driven, with gnarly vocals, they’re already making a name for themselves on the back of their performances. I’ve been told that these guys are going to smash it.

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