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PREVIEW: Jesse Ahern - Birmingham Asylum - 1st May 2024

There's a rich tapestry of our love for folk, rock and songwriting on this site, which means there's no surprise that we're excited for Jesse Ahern's latest UK tour dates. This Wednesday he'll be gracing the Birmingham Asylum in support of his latest release.

His latest album, Roots Rock Rebel, continues his soul driven folk with his gorgeous song writing and a wonderous production value thanks to the work with Ted Hutt. "I Drive A Truck" is a great touch of blues, as a road tripping soulful slow song, and "The Older I Get" is surely going to be either the opener or closer to the sets, with a great backing of vocals from Ken Casey (Dropkick Murphys) and Jamie Wyatt. The album even includes what I think is a slightly better version than the original "Bankrobber" by The Clash - which is frankly my one to listen to off the album.

Do yourself a favour and grab a ticket to the show, or any of the others on this tour!

For Fans Of: Dropkick Murphys, Frank Turner, Jamie Wyatt.

Latest Album: Roots Rock Rebel

One to Listen to: Bankrobber

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