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Scott Bradlee's Postmodern Jukebox - Victoria Hall, Stoke - 12/05/2024

The Victoria Hall in Stoke packed up on Sunday night as the rain poured down, with excited faces and outfits that would rival that of a stage version of the Great Gatsby. It could only mean one thing - Scott Bradlee's Postmodern Jukebox were playing!

The night started with a support slot from Lady Rose, a married couple from Nottingham. With just a backing of the acoustic guitar, the focus was on the stunning vocals from Lady Rose. Starting with a cover (ala PMJ themselves) of Crazy (Gnarls Barkley), the set was a great warm up to the evening. Well worth checking out their YouTube page and catching if you get the chance!  

After a short interval - the house lights drop and the stage lights up to the main event. The band take the stage and begin the fanfare as Rogelio Douglas, Jr donned the stage in a beautifully fitted suit to burst into the first cover of the night - a stunning take of Micheal Jacksons Thriller. As his vocals stunned and the band played flawlessly, Demi Remick joined the stage to perform a tap section alongside the band, with Rogelio even bringing his own dance moves to the stage!

Tatum Langley took quickly to the stage following this for one of the more recent covers from PMJ - a great touch on Green Day’s Basket Case! With faux trumpet (I want to learn how she did this) solo’s and a great energy, the night was starting with a bang. 

We aren’t going to take you song by song through this set, as frankly it’s to be seen and experienced. However there were some stunning highlights - coming from Jack Amblin (the percussionist of the band) stepping down from the drums with a washboard-esc setup with a wonderful cover of It’s Not Unusual, Demi Remick performing two outstanding solo tap numbers to - let’s say - some incredibly fun choices of music and a shivering rendition of Use Somebody by Kings of Leon.

However the true highlight from my night was both the midsection rendition of Hallelujah and the set closer of Creep by Effie Passero. A voice to rival both Broadway diva and Stadium fillers, Effie can command from the top of her belt down to just her sighs. 

Scott Bradlee's Postmodern Jukebox are marking their 10 year anniversary with this tour (with this show being show 1005 of all time!) and you can see why they are still packing out venues. Get out there and catch the rest of their tour!

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