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December 2016 - What's In Store.

2016 has been a crazy year. From heartbreaking deaths, to sold out arenas and festivals, hit singles and record breaking albums, it's had it all. And it isn't even stopping here. December 2016 is set to carry on the energy.

To kick the month off Biffy Clyro are out and about. These boys have had a phenomenal year, headlining Reading and Leeds, hit singles left and right and they're topping it all off with an arena tour. Do not miss this, because 2016 has belonged to Biffy and this tour will show you why.

Biffy aren't the only R&L headliners crusading round the UK. Red Hot Chilli Peppers are back on the road, with a new album and the same funky sound. RHCP are still one of the biggest bands on the planet and now touring with Babymetal as support, these guys are sure to melt your face off with epic bass solos and crazy energy.

Continuing with new albums, Yellowcard are touring with their latest delight. However this tour is with a heavy heart, due to the band choosing it to be their last. To continue our theme of high energy, Yellowcard are known for their passion and doing back flips while playing the Violin. If you haven't seen them before, we would recommend you do, as you won't get another chance.

From last tours to first (well, kind of). Two titans of Nu-Metal are deciding to tour together for the first time. That's right, Rolling Stones and Eric Clapton! Of course not! But I don't need to tell you about the Korn and Limp Bizkit tour, everyone is already well aware. This is a tour that should have happened already and goddamn it, it will be crazy.

We've only mentioned 4 tours right here, but seriously it's not even close to what's going on in December 2016. Fratellis, Bullet For My Valentine, Madness, Clutch, Status Quo, We Are Scientists, the list goes on. And 2017 is just on the horizon. Stay tuned for more news, previews and reviews.

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