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Slam Dunk's Fireball Stage is going to blow you away.

They've only gone and completed the line up for what's looking to be the most fun stage at Slam Dunk, haven't they?!

The final 3 artists that will be joining the previously announced Bowling For Soup, Less Than Jake, Reel Big Fish, Goldfinger, Mad Caddies and MC Lars are...

*drum roll*





ZEBRAHEAD are appearing for a (Slam Dunk) record 4th consecutive year. After the crowdsurf party that took place at last year's Slam Dunk, this year can only be an even bigger party. They'll probably smash out "Hell Yeah" and "Falling Apart", if you're lucky...

The punk-rap outfit's Ben Osmundson says;"We are damn excited to be coming back for the 4th straight year to the Slam Dunk Festival!! It is the one festival where everyone feels like family and friends .....and we can't wait to have a drink with all of you!

The Ataris. You probably know them from that song.. y'know, "Boys Of Summer". Or maybe you know "In This Diary", from your emo 'phase' that you swore to your parents was not a phase, but the way you wanted to be live your life. Either way, they're coming to add even more brilliance to this stage, with this being only their 2nd Slam Dunk appearance. You'll definitely be singing their songs as you leave that stage.

If you leave that stage, that is.

And finally, hailing from the Lone Star State of Texas, USA, arguably one of the most definitive Pop-Punk bands of that era, they are alumni of the incredible Drive-Thru Records label, Fenix TX. Unbelievably, this will be their Slam Dunk debut, and the first time in 7 years that they'll have been to the United Kingdom. Look out for that "Threesome" though, you might catch something from that massive song.

This all-American stage will be the biggest and best ska punk & classic pop-punk line up the UK has ever seen, uniting regular touring buddies and bands that have never played together before to create a must-see show...

Look. This is going to be one hell of a party. Chances are, you've probably been to one of these bands' shows, so you already know that you may not see any other band at any other stage, so you may need to buy tickets for all three legs of the festival to stand a chance to see someone else, like we might have to.

Ben Ray, the festival director, says "Many people know that this stage is very close to my heart. When I started the Slam Dunk club night back in 2001, bands like Less Than Jake & Reel Big Fish were the ones that helped shape it and establish the brand. It is an honour to be able to bring these bands together for the biggest bill of it’s kind ever in the UK".

Starting in Birmingham on Saturday 27th May, the festival heads up north to Leeds on Sunday 28th, and finishes down south, in Hatfield on Bank Holiday Monday, the 29th.

It's the only way to spend your Bank Holiday. What are you going to do instead, DIY?

No thanks, fella.

So, we'll see you at Slam Dunk then, yeah?

Get your tickets for £44 (Festival only) or £49 (Festival + Afterparty) over at Slam Dunk's website, which you'll find HERE.

(If you don't notice the two hyperlinks above, it's

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