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From Them, Through Us, To You. Madina Lake are back.


Yeah, you read that right. It is a truth fact. It is correct, sir. Madina Lake are reforming for a select few dates.

The brothers Leone disbanded in 2013, but have rebanded (is that even a word? Meh, you get the idea) to play once more. They will return to the United Kingdom for the 10 year anniversary of "From Them, Through Us, To You", which includes massive songs like "Here I Stand", "House of Cards", "Now or Never", and "One Last Kiss".

I guess you want to know when and where they're playing then...

The non Slam Dunk dates are Headline shows, and will be supported by Nottingham based Lacey. (Lot of good stuff coming from Nottingham lately)

So to summarise: MADINA LAKE will be at Slam Dunk, as well as 3 other shows, to celebrate their most loved album; From Them, Through Us, To You.

Singer Nathan Leone comments, “We'd always told ourselves that no matter what happens after we dissolved Madina, we have to get back together around the 10 year anniversary mark of 'From Them, Through Us, To You' and go back to England. I can't imagine any of us believed we would actually do it but the stars have seemed to align perfectly and we can't wait to play again.”

So there you have it.

Madina Lake. Back again.

For tickets, follow the below links. They go on sale at 10am on Friday, 17th February.


Please don't miss out, we hope to see you partying in the pit.

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