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Slam Dunk announce ANOTHER bunch of bands.

So last week, it was announced that Madina Lake were returning to Slam Dunk, to play "From Them, Through Us, To You" for the tenth anniversary.

That's not enough for Slam Dunk. They're not happy with an already stellar line up; they've added even more. You ready? Ok, here we go...

  • Deaf Havana

  • Frank Iero and the Patience

  • We Are The Ocean

  • The Maine

  • Crime in Stereo

  • Sorority Noise

  • Too Close To Touch

  • WSTR

  • Seaway

  • Boston Manor


  • Stray From The Path

And knowing them, there'll be even more to come.

We Are The Ocean are Slam Dunk favourites, but with news that they're disbanding, these may well be the last times you can see them.

Deaf Havana dropped their 4th album earlier this year, called "All These Countless Nights", which has seen huge success already. In the last few years, they've supported the likes of Springsteen, broke into the UK Top 10, and this year, they're on a huge international tour, and will be at Slam Dunk, bringing all that experience to bring you an incredible experience.

Born from the ashes of the insanely huge (and still bloody popular, if the reaction to last year's Black Parade X trailer is anything), My Chemical Romance, Frank Iero and The Patience, have played many huge gigs in their short time, bringing a heavier, punk edge to shows with The Used, Taking Back Sunday and Mallory Knox. They're now bringing it to Slam Dunk. This is guaranteed to be fun.

Arizona’s own The Maine also join the line-up, and will no doubt bring with them new material from their upcoming album "Lovely, Little, Lonely" (which is scheduled for release in April this year).

The Maine’s John O’Callaghan says:

"The British aren't necessarily known for their basketball prowess, but they are known for their domination over rock n roll. Which is why we can't wait to score a homerun and shoot a touchdown at Slam Dunk with this gnarly lineup.”

Then added to that are Crime in Stereo, hardcore punk from Long Island, NY, Connecticut's Sorority Noise, who will bring their anthemic brand of emo to the festival, and Too Close To Touch - whose solid blend of pop and post-hardcore will get crowds going absolutely crazy.

UK pop-punk new bloods WSTR (who seem to be everywhere in the past couple of years) will join Canadian heavyweights Seaway and homegrown front-runners Boston Manor in one of the most highly-anticipated appearances this summer.

Bringing the heavy, Long Island metalcore titans Stray From The Path will also be appearing across the weekend.

On their return to the festival, Henry Cox of Boston Manor says:

"We're really looking forward to playing this year’s Slam Dunk. The festival last year was a real highlight for us. This year is going to be more sweaty and more intense.”

AND on top of that, or because of all that, the sites are going to be bigger. Leeds' First Direct Arena will be Slam Dunk NORTH's Second Stage, Hatfield will be gaining ANOTHER outdoor stage, and Birmingham's site will be expanded even more than last year's.

Basically, Slam Dunk is looking to take over the country in the next few years, or so it seems.

Get yourself some tickets now; HERE, or at

Tickets will cost £44 for the day, or £49 gets you into the afterparty as well.

You don't want to miss out, do you?

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