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  • Adam Reynolds

ALL TIME LOW are back in the UK

And they're airing their "Dirty Laundry". No, But they're back on the Young Renegades Tour, to promote the release of their forthcoming album, "Last Young Renegade".

Now, they aren't alone on this tour, of course. The support comes from SWMRS and Waterparks. Now, these guys aren't bands to be missed in any shape or form. Both of these guys promise to bring the energy levels up, before All Time Low take them through the roof.

Expect masses of fun, and to lose your voice about 5 songs into their set, due to the massive hooks and even bigger choruses. This band has travelled the world over, and have sold out massive venues along the way.

Don't miss out on this tour, because the next one might be the start of the only arenas tours.

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