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Something Different

Suicide is the biggest killer in men under 35, so we're told. It's a huge killer in women too. And part of it is because people who suffer from depression, bullying, and whatever other reason don't have anyone to reach out to for help. Or at least, don't feel like they do.

This is not ok. You all need to realise that depression affects more people than you realise. It's not always obvious, it has no physical, visible symptoms. It isn't something that should be trivialised. 

Please, do not listen to vile cretins like Piers Morgan. You don't need to man up. You just need to know that people are here for you. People care. We at StereoRiot care. It seems crazy, but there are always people who will listen to you, or help you in any way that they can. Please know that. Just reach out, somebody will be there to help you if you need it. 

Mental Health is not a joke. 

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