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So Download have announced their first 2018 headliner. And isn't it a good one? You know who is it right? No?! It's Ozzy-bite the head off a bat-Osbourne!


1 - Our First Solo Set!

Not only is this the first time that Ozzy will be gracing the Download stage on his lonesome, it's the first time a solo act has EVER headlined the Main Stage at the festival. After countless years and bands that are known across the world, it's a surprise that it hasn't happened before. And we can't think of any other solo act to be the initial one.

2 - He's home!

Birmingham is the home town of this crazy lead man and this is the closest to home you can get for him! So can we locals make sure he is greeted with some passion? I'm pretty sure we can and after seeing him with Sabbath perform at a few home town shows, he certainly has more fun at them...

3 - Ozzy has some fun friends....

Let me ask you a question. Do you know how many rock icons out there credit Ozzy as their influence? The answer? Alot. And that's not even talking about the people out there who would like to play with him. So what could this mean? We're pretty sure it means we should keep our eyes open for a few guests appearing on stage....

4 - All aboard! It's pretty difficult to find someone who doesn't know an Ozzy Osbourne song. So the chance of everyone in that crowd knowing one of the hits that he will be bringing along is near enough 100%! This is also the only time these amazing songs have been played in front of the holy Download crowd, so you know it's bound to be good.

5 - What a way to say goodbye. Knowing that this is his farewell tour brings a tear to our eyes, but he's chosen a way to go out. With Sabbath bowing out the UK at the Genting, Ozzy crowning his UK reign on Donnington is almost picture perfect. It's almost guaranteed that the crowd will welcome him to the holy stage and see him off with a bit more than a wave.

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