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Five Fings about Far Cry 5 we're Fiery for.

Far Cry 5 launches into platforms next Tuesday and we simply cannot contain ourselves over it. Carrying on this legacy is a hard task, but it seems that what's in store will blow us away. Are you ready to meet your Father? If not, read on and get as hyped up as we are.


Furry Friends

We've been introduced to the gorgeous pup Boomer (in this trailer HERE!) already and frankly, he's the cutest gun-toting buddy we've ever seen. Bringing in the aspect of a friendly NPC-esc woofter is pretty much my personal favourite feature we've seen so far. I feel like I may spend far too long fussing him.

Fun Fatalities

Every single game in the series so far has introduced more ways to take down your foes and the variety just keeps seeming to pile up. Whether its back to the classic snipe from a distance, set off a pre-planned trap or blasting people to pieces from a zip-line, every kill is a treat.

Freak Fanatics

Far Cry has never been shy about crazy villains (I'm looking at you Vaas/Far Cry 3), but the introduction of The Father, the leader of 'Project at Eden's Gate', is growing the depth of the story even further. To have a character who seems like he'll be able to question your own view of good and evil is incredible and I can't wait to meet him

Free-roam Freedom

Boasting even more than previous games, FC 5 is due to envelop the time of anyone who dares play. With more activities to try out, such as fishing and hunting, topped with the standard game play and story (due to clock in around the 25 hour mark!), there isn't going to be two people who have the same play through.

Flourishing Firearms

Guns, guns, guns! You're all aware this game has guns in right? No? Well it does! And not only that, but there's guns on planes, guns on cars, guns on boats, GUNS CARRIED BY DOGS! We're being given 'The Right To Rain Destruction' and by god are we going to.

So that's five of the things we're so excited for. How about you? What's going to bring you to the 'Project at Eden's Gate'?

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