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PREVIEW: Kingdom Hearts III

It's a series over 17 years in the making, with more installments than any other trilogy ever made (even you LotR) and next week, the story continues. Kingdom Hearts III is mere days away. Are you ready?


It's strange to think of the partnership that formed to create such a legendary game franchise. When a Square [Enix] employee bumped into a Disney Executive and pitched him the crossover idea in an elevator, it was a shot in the dark, but one that hit and as such, evolved into what we know and love today.

So after the plethora of worlds we've visited so far across the 2 main core games, it begs the question, what's left in the Disney universe to explore? The KH team have done their usual trick and kept a good amount of information tucked up their sleeves, but the gameplay trailers and such have given us a glimpse into what's coming up.

It seems a fan favourite from previous titles is set with a return as the mighty Hercules makes a comeback, but there's not just returning worlds and characters. We're treated to a glimpse of the worlds of Frozen (which was probably a-given, thanks to its popularity), Toy Story (something our Editor is incredibly excited for), Monsters Inc, Tangled and Pirates of the Caribbean. The insane amount of variety in previous games looks to be completely out classed in the new title!

But it's not just the locations and characters that are being hyped up. The good old Keyblade seems to be having it's wide arsenal of typing absolutely blown to pieces. Within the trailer it seems that we're expanding past blades, onto hammers and many other varieties, touching on almost every Disney franchise.

The above barely scratches the surface, as there are countless other additional points being poured into this creation (new magic, allies, enemies, etc). But the main source of anticipation is coming from the continuation of the story line. Whilst the plot of KH can be seen as a little confusing, it's a completely absorbing world, with a glorious mix of the Final Fantasy writing and the magic of Disney.

It's hard to believe we've waited this long for the official third instalment, but it feels just as long between now and next Tuesday. Kingdom Hearts III, we honestly can't wait.

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