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Another Download 2019 Drop? YES IT IS!

With a month left until Download Festival 2019, you'd have thought the announcements were over with. But you were wrong, wrong I tell you! So click this article to find out how Andy C and his team are still adding to this ever amazing lineup!


Bands, events, comedy and wrestling have all been updated in the latest drop of news from the Donnington crew. Let's kickoff with the bands. An extra 6 names are plastered onto the already full poster - symphonic titans 'Epica', who are jaw dropping to listen to, the Elvis fronted Nirvana tribute (you read that right) 'Elvana' and The Beaches, The Inspector Cluzo, Palisades and Blurred Vision. It's turning into more and more of an awesome band line up.

We already know that NXT are back with their outstanding brand of wrestling, but it's great to see the list of superstars they're bringing along. Adam Cole and Kyle O’Reilly of Undisputed ERA, Shayna Baszler, Matt Riddle, and more to come, to the already electric line-up. So don't forget to go along, especially as the shows will be part of the next NXT UK tapings!

The Side Splitter stage has had its headliner confirmed for a while, but the full lineup of comics is finally out! There are plenty of funny-bone ticklers to go catch this year. Are you ready for a long list? Here we go! Mock The Week regular Ed Gamble, plus Aaron Simmonds, Allyson June Smith, Andrew Bird, Andy Field, Brett Domino, Dan Nightingale, Danny Mcloughlin, David Longley, Emmanuel Sonubi, Jimmy Mcghie, John Lynn, Jonathan Mayor, Laura Lexx, Lou Conran, Mark Simmons, Milo Mccabe, Rachel Fairburn, Rich Wilson, Rob Kemp, Stephen Buchanan, Sully O' Sullivan and Thomas Green. That's a lot of comedy!

And finally it's been revealed the UK Air Guitar Championships are back this year! Are you ready to shred some Donnington atmosphere? Think you've got what it takes to 'blow' away the crowd? If so, go to the Download website NOW and sign up!

We honestly can't wait for DL19. If you haven't already got your tickets, there's no excuse. Go, go, GO!

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