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The Takeover at Download '19 - And why you should be there!

By this point, we're assuming everyone reading this is already going to Download 2019. If you're not, stop being stupid and go buy your ticket! And make sure it's a 5 day camping one. Done it? Good. But why did you need a 5 Day one when the bands start on Friday? Because the bands ACTUALLY start on the Thursday. Welcome to the Takeover.


The Takeover has been running for a fair few years now, but to see the heights it's now reached is incredible. The amount of applicants every year is growing (it hit over 500 this year!) and the quality is just mind-blowing. Looking back at bands that have taken the stage, they've only gone up and up (one highlight being Hands Off Gretel who have managed to end up headlining the third stage at Amplified this year!).

So who are you in store for this year? Maybe two or three small sets? Nah. Try seven bands across a full evening of blistering music. Kicking off is Haxan, a three piece who we caught previously at HRH AOR. With blistering old-school guitar work mixed with a young and energetic vocal style from all three band members, this is gonna be one hell of a start. Personal starting point for the band - 'Lady Luck'.

Band two is Dead Man's Whiskey. Don't be fooled by the style and sound of this metal-country (think a mix of Black Stone Cherry and Black Sabbath) group, they come from the capital, London. With the re-release of their debut album earlier this year - 'Under The Gun (Reloaded)', they've been busy with their riff-tastic, proper head-banging rock. These guys will get a crowd going, no doubt for a second. They've got a slot at the Camden Assembly on the 25th as well, it'll be worth a sneak peek! Personal starting point for the band - 'War Machine'

O'Deus is a band that's had a re-imagining over the past few years. With a new lead singer, they've taken their band image in new reigns and actually produced one of the LP's that was on our editors most listened to in 2018 ('Seven Cycles Down'). With a glorious mix of stoner/grunge with lively vocals, O'Deus are sure to put on a set that will pull the audience through a journey of stellar sound. Personal starting point for the band - 'D.N.R.'

Now if you're one of those people who keep saying 'Green Day' should play Download, then do not miss the next Takeover band, Sweet Little Machine. Imagine Green Day had a baby with Less than Jake, that's a decent definition for SLM. With two albums under their belt (Monsters and War), we've caught these guys supporting Patent Pending previously, and all I can think is how much the crowd are going to be bouncing during their set. Personal starting point for the band - 'How To Stop an Exploding Man'.

Scotland have been killing it with new metal recently, and our next band, Neshiima are no exception. Creating a sound as if you'd shoved techno, riffs and metal in a blender, they're pulled together a sound that is quite unique. Not only are they creating outstanding music, but they've made a good amount of it to listen to. Frankly during the research into the Takeover bands, they dominated our play time, making it into the office playlist for a permanent slot. Don't miss these guys. Personal starting point for the band - 'Here Forever'

It's sub-headliner time. The Five Hundred have been around for many years, but their launch of their album Bleed Red really showcased the talent of the metal four-piece. It's rare bands manage to make melodic-metal sound well balanced, but The Five Hundred definitely manage it. Apparently their band name comes from a review stating they sound like 500 bands on stage at once - this slot will be sure to showcase that. Personal starting point for the band - 'Seduced by Shadows'

Boom. Top dogs this year. ThisCityIsOurs. You best be ready for a set of pure energy, because this metalcore quintet will bring it in buckets. If you're looking for a band to lose it to in the pits with breaks of perfectly melodic choruses which are sure to have everyone singing along, these guys will blow you away. As headliners go, these guys are on track to return again in a few years in the main arena, that's for sure. Personal starting point for the band - honestly anything. But maybe start with 'Casket' or 'Dry your Eyes'.

So you best be ready for the real start of Download '19. Get down to the Takeover. And look out for the StereoRiot Takeover playlist dropping all over our social media later this week!

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