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5 Minute Song Review - The Hives: 'I'm Alive'

Introducing our new review format! Here's we'll grab a new single/release from the thousands of songs dropping every week and tell you our thoughts!


First up then, it's the latest single from The Hives, 'I'm Alive'. It's hard to believe how long it's been since a new release from the swedes, but goddamn it's good to have them back.

First off, it's obvious the energy hasn't been lost in this track. We start with a little gentle strumming, but it bursts into a crash of noise and that trademark Howlin' Pelle scream. The typical pounding of excellence comes through into the first verse, but as we start to hit the chorus, we're begged the question 'Did you miss me?'.

In all its essence, this is what is known as a come-back song. It not only literally states it's in the title and lyrics, but the music is everything the Hives are and more. Fast, energetic and something everyone can howl along to. It's gotten me so damn excited for more. If this is them hyping up a new album, 2019 might just be the year I faint from new music.

To answer the question, yes Pelle, we missed you. It's good to know you're Alive.

Verdict: Listen to this now, add it to every playlist you have.

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