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5 Minute Song Review - Crobot 'Keep Me Down'

It's time for another 5 Minute Song Review! Strap in and have a read of the pick of the day!


Crobot returning is going to be one of the best bits of 2019. And to signal the start of this, they've dropped a new single in the form of 'Keep Me Down'.

The song itself is a bit of an anthem on standing up against anything, crying out 'Kick a little longer, Hit a little Harder, You Can't Keep Me Down'. The lyrics however aren't the only hard hitting aspect of the song. In true Crobot form, the guitar work is riff-tastic, with a nice driven bass-line and fast paced drum line, with well placed bridges and a sweet solo that wouldn't seem out of place in a Slash track.

But the real stand-out from my point of view is the vocal power of Brandon Yeagley, who after having showing his range in their first two albums, is out to prove he can stand up amongst the other great frontmen of rock. If you haven't seen these guys live, you're missing out firstly, but you won't know how much energy the entire group and Brandon have when performing, which just adds to the claim of these guys being on the upwards path.

Not only have they pumped out one hell of a killer track, but there's a video to go alongside! Have a listen and a watch now.

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