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5 Minute Song Review - TheCityIsOurs - 'Bare Bones'

Happy Monday everyone! Need something to kick off your week in style? Then look no further.


After working on our Takeover article we've kept everyone on our radar, and today it's proving worthwhile. TheCityIsOurs have recently dropped a new single 'Bare Bones' with guest vocals from Connor Hallisey from Our Hollow, Our Home.

This track comes out the gates swinging. Heavy ass vocals, a goddamn tasty guitar line, just everything you need for a hell of a song. It's perfect to listen to in a playlist and it's going to be one killer track if they fit it into their set (obviously dependant on how they work the guest vocals).

This track is a true example of how much this band is taking off and the skill behind all members. A great collab, epic track and I still can't get over some of the guitar work.

Verdict: Listen to it now and watch the video below!

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