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  • Adam Reynolds

f e s t i v a l v i b e s

Leeds. Hatfield. May Bank Holiday. It must be Slam Dunk Festival.

The pop punk amalgamation is back and ready to tear you up by making you choose between your favourite bands. (Unless you're going to both. It's a viable option!!)

Just look at that line up. You're probably salivating at it and already choosing who you'd pick to go and see.

I'm going to suggest a few bands. Nobody is forcing you to see them, but I think you'd miss out if you didn't see them. Shall we say 3? It's a magic number...

1: As It Is [Monster Stage]. This trans-atlantic band are sure to bring it all to Slam Dunk. They've been making leaps and bounds in recent years, and are slowly gaining a back catalogue that the greats would be proud of. Look for high energy, coupled with high emotions.

2: I DON'T KNOW HOW BUT THEY FOUND ME (or iDKHOW) [The Key Club Stage]. 2 guys, formerly of massive bands (Panic! and Falling In Reverse, I Am Ghost, etc.. respectively) will have you dancing your night away with their 80s style. A duo of so much more than their respective pasts, you had best bring your dancing shoes and ensure you dance like nobody's watching. Trust me, they won't be watching you, they'll be too busy dancing.

3: Rob Lynch [Acoustic Stage]: Slam Dunk is this guy's spiritual home. His highly infectious enthusiasm and catchy hooks will have you singing along and "ba-ba-ba"ing til the cows come home. You'll find that his set is entirely too short, no matter how long it actually is.

At the end of the day, these are merely suggestions. Even if you don't see any of these, you'll enjoy Slam Dunk. Unless you don't like fun.

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